Clinics & Seminars

The "You've Got To Move To Groove" seminar is geared toward advanced high school, rhythm section, students. A typical seminar day consists of 3 or 4 small group clinics where the students are introduced to the concept of "Groove" as it relates to the music. The focus is on musicality and feel rather than playing fast or complex patterns and is taught through example and hands-on experience for each student. The day ends with a large rehearsal session with the full jazz band(s). Here, the students get a chance to implement some of the things they've learned in the small group clinics while carrying the message of the day, "You've Got To Move To Groove" to the entire ensemble.

"Billy Goodness brought an inspiration to Webster Schroeder High School students this past Spring when he spoke and taught about the fundamentals of playing in time. A new motivation from my students has risen to become steady and firm drummers. I am looking forward to working with Billy in the future and having my students have an opportunity to learn from a top-notch professional"

Brian Zimmer
Webster Schroeder High School Band Director

"Billy Goodness' workshop involved students in a "real life" professional drumming situation in which they played along with a studio created track. Each student was critiqued and encouraged as they attempted to find and keep the groove. Billy emphasized over and over the importance of 'groove' and 'feel' and how the movement of these elements must be felt in the performer's body. Billy's workshop has had a lasting impact on students in Jazz Band and Concert Band at our school."

Bernie Heveron
Jazz Band Director, Webster Thomas High School

Private Lessons

Billy is currently accepting Intermediate to Advanced level students.

"My focus, as a drum instructor, is on the music. Its not so much about having the fastest hands or the loudest drums. Its more about having a broad musical understanding and the skills that give you the ability to connect with the other musicians around you - living and playing in the moment."

"My goal is to help each student fulfill his or her own potential as a creative musician. This means providing every student with the opportunity to explore many musical styles and to eventually find their own “voice” on the instrument."

Subjects covered include:

  • Reading and Writing Music and Drumset Notation
  • Rudiments and their application to the Drumset
  • Understanding different music styles and how to play them
  • Drum Tuning and maintenance
  • Playing For The Music - being the foundation
  • The Recording Studio Environment (advanced students)

If you are interested in finding out more about Billy's Clinics & Seminars or Private Lessons, please contact him via email by clicking here.

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