Billy is endorsed by, and exclusively plays equipment from, the following companies:

Drums, Hardware, Pedals

Billy's Drum Workshop kits consists of:

16x22 Bass Drum
7x10 Mounted Tom
8x12 Mounted Tom
12x14 Floor Tom on Legs
14x16 Floor Tom on Legs
5.5x14 Chrome/Steel Snare Drum
  DW 9000 Single BD Pedal w/Nylon Strap
  7500 Hi-Hat Stand


Billy's Evans Drumheads of choice are:

Coated G2 Batters with Coated Reso 7

Bass Drums:
EQ4 Clear Batter with a Smooth White EQ3 on the Front

Snare Drums:
Power Center Reverse Dot Batter with Hazy 300 Snare Side


"I have been playing Sabian cymbals exclusively for the past 20+ years. Sabian cymbals always sound great in any musical setting from studio work to large venues and small clubs."


"I love the feel and quality of Vater drumsticks. I am currently playing the Los Angeles 5A Hickory model with a nylon tips."


"I use the Kat KT4 in my rehearsal/teaching studio. The pads feel great, the sounds are stunning, and the actuating Hi-Hat gives the player a great realistic experience."


"As an "old school - tune by ear" guy, it took a lot to convince me to try some of the new drum tuning tools. The tuning tool that I've found to be, hands down, the most helpful and accurate is the tune-bot. It's based on pitch and not tension and can hear smaller differences in pitch than our ears can discern."

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