I am endorsed by, and exclusively play equipment from, the following companies:

Drums, Hardware, Pedals

My Drum Workshop kits consists of:

16x22 Bass Drum
7x8 Mounted Tom (Collectors Series Maple Kit Only)
7x10 Mounted Tom
8x12 Mounted Tom
12x14 Floor Tom on Legs
14x16 Floor Tom on Legs
5.5x14 Chrome/Steel Snare Drum
  DW 9000 Single BD Pedal w/Nylon Strap
  7500 Hi-Hat Stand

I am curently using two DW kits: Collectors Series Maple and Maple/Mahogany. The Collectors Series Maple are a combination of Vertical Low Timber™  and X-Shells™.

Pictures of the Collectors Series Maple kit are here.


My Evans Drumheads of choice are:

MX White with G1 Clear Resonants

Bass Drums:
EQ4 Clear Batter with a Smooth White EQ3 on the Front

Snare Drums:
Power Center Reverse Dot Batter with Hazy 300 Snare Side


I have been playing Sabian cymbals exclusively for the past 20+ years. Sabian cymbals always sound great in any musical setting from studio work to large venues and small clubs.


I love the feel and quality of Vater drumsticks. I am currently playing the Los Angeles 5A Hickory and Sugar Maple Fusion models with a nylon tips.

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