Born in Rochester, NY, my musical journey started out at around the age of four when I discovered the piano at my aunt's house. Shortly after that my parents got an old used piano, put it in our living room, and I started taking lessons. By the time I turned eight my musical focus had shifted (much to my parent's dismay) to the drums. Actually, my fascination with the drums started very early. One of my uncles was a volunteer fireman and he would march with the fire department in all the local parades and my family would always go to watch. I remember being excited by the fact that whenever a marching band paraded by, the drummers were always playing. Even if the rest of the band stopped and just marched, the drummers kept it going. By the time I reached the seventh grade I was practicing several hours a day and playing after school with my high school rock band.

It was around the age of fourteen that I got my first studio experience which eventually led to my becoming an 'on-call' drummer of sorts for a couple of small local recording studios. To be honest, it all started because I lived within walking distance of the one of the studios and would go over and just hang out whenever I could. I recorded a few tunes there with my rock band and that led to me getting asked to play on some other people’s songs. Nobody ever got paid for any of the stuff I played on back then but that didn't matter. I was getting the best hands-on training I could get into the studio world. From there it just grew. The studio has always been a very comfortable and creative place for me - I truly love it!

During high school my musical opportunities continued to grow and I branched out to fill the roll of timpanist in a local symphony orchestra, played in several pit orchestras for local theater groups, as well as beginning to develop my writing skills. I also spent a couple of summers playing in jazz workshops led by Jeff Tyzik.

With 30+ years of professional playing, my experiences includes club gigs, orchestral work, studio recording, and national touring. I don't consider myself a stylized drummer. In other words, I am equally comfortable, and enjoy, playing all styles of music - Jazz, Funk, Rock, R&B, Fusion, Swing, Country, Pop, Classical, Symphonic, etc. It's all about the music and I love just about everything. My approach is simple - I strive to be a musician that plays the drums.

I spent the years from 1985 to 1990 living and touring out of Nashville. This started out as a weekend visit and lasted for just over 5 years. During that time my regular gig was with Ricky Van Shelton. I have toured with Reba, The Judds, Alabama, Randy Travis, Clint Black, Highway 101, Lee Greenwood, Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson and many others. In addition to touring, I've had the opportunity to play on several shows for The Nashville Network including Nashville Now (the old Ralph Emery program), The Grand Ole Opry, and Hee Haw. I've also appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, The Grammy Awards, Austin City Limits, The Country Music Awards, The American Music Awards, and The Peoples Choice Awards programs.

In 1990, I was honored to have an article written about me in Modern Drummer Magazine.

If you like, click on the magazine cover at the right to view a PDF file of the article.

Currently residing in Upstate NY, I am concentrating my musical efforts on session work, live gigs, writing, clinics, and teaching.

In addition to playing, I am a regular contributor to the Drum Forum as the writer of a professional column. The Drum Forum began in late August of 2005 as a replacement for the Drum Center Forum run by Harry Cangany where I was also a professional column contributor before it closed. The new Drum Forum has over 20,000 registered members, countless guest visitors, and continues to grow as one of the premier on-line drum communities.

OK - that's enough about me. Feel free to drop me a line and tell me about you!

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